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Tech blog roundup, April 2013

We’ve been busy over on the Brightbox tech blog so I thought I’d do a roundup here.

We’ve been maintaining up-to-date Ruby packages for Ubuntu for several years now and work continues on it. We have some pre-release packages for Phusion Passenger 4, the Ruby (and now Python and Node.js) app server.

Of course we’ve been keeping our high performance Ruby 1.9.3 packages updated too. We published some tests results that show some of their memory and cpu improvements.

And most recently we’ve added support for Brightbox Cloud to Vagrant, to help developers quickly set up development environments.

And a bonus post about measuring the shared ram usage of processes under Linux, something that is a bit more difficult than you might expect!

Coming soon

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on some major new Brightbox Cloud features, so expect those to be announced soon!

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