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Access control with Orbit Cloud Storage

Last month we announced our new OpenStack Swift-compatible object storage service, Orbit, which makes it easy to store many gigabytes or terrabytes of data securely, replicated across our two UK datacentres.

It frees you from having to think about scaling your storage capacity so you can just write whatever size data you need, whenever you need to and just pay for what you use.

It also gives you control over how that data can be accessed by different users or applications. So we’ve written up a guide that explains the different kinds of Orbit authentication and takes you through configuring access control for a container.

Get started now!

Orbit data storage and data transfer are free until February 2015. So give it a go today.

If you’re not already a Brightbox customer you can get signed up in 2 minutes. We’ll even apply an additional £20 credit to get you started with our other services.

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