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Official CentOS Atomic images now available

Last week CentOS announced the general availability of their Atomic Host distro and images are now available on Brightbox Cloud. CentOS Atomic Host is a lightweight operating system designed for running Docker containers, derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7.1.2.

It’s basically RedHat’s answer to CoreOS and has the usual attention to security that you’d expect from RedHat, combining the usual Docker tech like cgroups and Linux namespaces with SELinux mandatory access controls. You can read more about Project Atomic here.

As with our Centos 7.1 images, your ssh key is automatically installed on first boot so just log in as the centos user and you’re in!

Get started with CentOS Atomic Host

If you’re not already a customer, you can sign up in a couple of minutes and get £50 free credit to play with. Make sure you provide an SSH key so you can access your new Atomic servers after they’re built.

Our getting started guide will, of course, get you started.

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