Server Types

A Server Type represents a particular set of Cloud Server specifications, in terms of RAM size, disk size/type and number of CPU cores. There are a range of server types suitable for varying workloads and have different hourly costs.

A server type is chosen when first building a Cloud Server and cannot be changed. To resize a server, snapshot it and rebuild with the required type.

Server Type Tiers

There are two main tiers of Server Types, “Standard” and “High IO”.

High IO server types are have more CPU cores, a higher share of CPU and a storage backend optimised for performance. Good for database and other IO-bound workloads.

“Standard” server types are optimised for agility, building and snapshotting performance due to a more flexible storage back end.

So, for example, a “High IO Small” Server Type specifies 2GB of RAM, 80GB disk and 4 CPU cores, with a high performance storage backend that costs £0.08/hour. A “Standard Small” Server Type specifies 2GB of RAM, 80GB disk and 2 CPU cores, with a standard performance storage backend and costs £0.06.

Last updated: 04 May 2016 at 10:40 UTC

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