Our extensive documentation includes a number of simple step-by-step guides, in addition to an in-depth reference section.


If you need some help using our service and the docs just aren’t enough, you can contact our support team by emailing

System status

If you encounter a problem with our systems, then make sure to check our status page which tracks any current issues and will contain details of what is wrong and when we expect it to be fixed.

Report a problem

If you’ve checked the status page and are sure you’re experiencing an unreported problem, you should contact our support team by emailing Please include:

  • Your account id (acc-xxxxx)
  • The id of any affected Servers, Cloud IPs or Load Balancers
  • A clear description of the problem
  • Steps to reproduce the problem

Whose responsibility?

Brightbox Cloud is Infrastructure-as-a-Service, which means we’re responsible for the underlying infrastructure which enables your services (Cloud Servers, Load Balancers etc) to be available on the network and managed via the API.

The Operating System, software and applications running inside your Cloud Servers are your responsibility.

Generally, if a Cloud Server can be reached via our graphical console interface, it’s unlikely there is a problem with our infrastructure.